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Want2discover is a community where people share their stories. We all face problems and challenges in our lives. Within our challenges and problems are valuable lessons that can help us to live a happier, more meaningful and fulfilling life.

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  • Original and unique content: We do not post articles that have been previously published or submitted elsewhere on the internet.
  • Word count: We do not have a strict word count however we encourage articles to be between 800 and 1400 words.
  • Relevant to our readers: Your article must be related to living a happy, meaningful or fulfilling life.
  • A good structure: Give your article a clear structure by making use of headlines, sub headlines and bullet points.
  • Paragraphs: As a general rule, we ask that you keep paragraphs below 3 sentences each.
  • Proof read: Please proof read and edit your article as best as you can before submitting it to us.
  • Headline and introduction: Try to come up with a great headline and introduction. Keep in mind that your headline and introduction will determine if people will read your article. Your introduction should be simple, engaging and to the point.
  • Be personal: When you write, try to picture your reader sitting across from you as if you are talking to them.
  • Be simple: When people read a blog, they want articles that are easy to read and understand. Please try to reflect this in your article. Cut the big words and try to simplify everything as much as you can. Lists and small paragraphs can also help make your article easier to read. Using, quotes is another great way to break your article up.
  • Biography: Include an author bio of 2-3 sentences with links to your social media and your blog (if you have one) as well as a small picture of yourself. This will be included at the end of the article!
  • Read our articles: Please read some of our articles for an example of the above guidelines.
  • Editing on our behalf: By submitting your article, you accept any from of editing that may be required on our behalf.

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