This is What Happens When Your Partner is Insecure or Mistrusting

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In this post I want to address something that is one the most common reasons why someone starts feeling lost in a relationship.

And it actually has nothing to do with you, but everything with your partner.

One of the biggest reasons why people start to feel less confident, independent and start to lose sight of their individual dreams and aspirations is having an insecure of mistrusting partner.

A mistrusting or insecure partner often can’t help but feel the need to be in control.

Although they may love you and trust you deep down, they often unknowingly end up allowing their insecurities to pollute the precious sense of trust that loving relationships should have.

And they may even find themselves acting selfishly as a means to staying in control.

For example, they might knowingly or unknowingly do the following things…

  • Want to know where you are at every moment.
  • Seek constant affirmation from you and ask the same questions over and over again (Do you still love me? Do you really think I’m attractive? Did you flirt with him/her?)
  • Make you feel bad when you want to hang out with friends because it makes them feel uncomfortable or insecure.
  • Make you feel guilty when you go to certain places that make them feel uncomfortable – such as parties or nightclubs.
  • Questions you after they have been out (e.g. Did anybody flirt with you? Did you flirt with anybody? Who were you with?)

It can be confusing when you are in a relationship with someone who is insecure or mistrusting.

On the one hand, you love them very much and you know that they love you too. However, deep down you can’t help but feel like it’s weighing you down, taking away your self-confidence, sense of self, that easy-goingness you once had, your ability to make your own decisions and your ‘sparkle’.

And after a while, you may start to get into a lifestyle where you find that you are working around your partner’s insecurities in order to keep them happy.


9 Things That Can Happen When Your Partner is Insecure of Mistrusting

Below is a list of 9 very common things that can happen:

  • You seek your partner’s approval or permission for things.
  • You start to miss the freedom of a single life.
  • You put too much time into your partner’s needs and forget about your own.
  • You start neglecting your hobbies, friends and the things you love.
  • You avoid going out in order to avoid feeling guilty or being questioned afterwards.
  • You feel exhausted from supporting your partner emotionally.
  • You feel torn between staying with your partner and living a more free life.
  • You feel the need to tell your partner in detail about your day in order to prove to them that you haven’t done anything untrustworthy.
  • You feel like you’re losing sight of your individual dreams and aspirations.

If you recognize yourself in some or perhaps all these things then it’s time to reclaim yourself!


Having an insecure or mistrusting partner is not the only reason that we lose ourselves in our relationships, but it is definitely one of the biggest and most common reasons.

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