Little Known Secrets of Successful Bloggers - 9 Influential Bloggers Tell You Everything You Need to Know

Learn the secrets of successful bloggers so that you can live any lifestyle you choose.

Blogging is the way to make money while doing what you love most.

Here are the secrets of 9 highly successful bloggers. Read them, absorb them and use them to become a successful blogger yourself!

Secrets of successful blogger: the 9 interviews


Lori Deschene


Little Known Secrets of Successful Bloggers - 9 Influential Bloggers Show You How It's Done

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha, a community blog that features stories and insights from readers from all over the globe. She runs the site as a group effort because she believes we all have something to teach and something to learn.

Lori is the author of Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hard QuestionsTiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself and the Tiny Wisdom eBooks series. She’s also co-founder of the online course Recreate Your Life Story: Change the Script and Be the Hero.

Tiny Buddha features stories and tips about happiness, motivation, inspiration, relationships, meaning, possibilities, mindfulness, and letting go, to name a few popular topics.

Over the last four years, Tiny Buddha has emerged as a leading resource for peace and happiness, with more than two million monthly readers. Visit, or follow Tiny Buddha on Twitter @tinybuddha and on Facebook at



When and why did you start blogging?


I started blogging almost a decade ago on a private MySpace blog, largely because it provided an emotional and creative outlet.

In 2008, I started my first public blog, where I shared life lessons and advice. It was my first attempt at helping others who were dealing with issues I’d formerly struggled with (including depression and an eating disorder).

I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t want to continue how I started—positioning myself as some kind of before and after story and creating a leader/follower dynamic with readers.

Especially since I recognized that I would always have struggles and never have everything figured out, I wanted to be able to share my experiences and insights, but also learn from others who wanted to do the same.

That’s the idea that eventually brought me to, which I started in the fall of 2009. I created it as a community blog because I believe we’re all both students and teachers.

I hope it’s a space that provides not just advice, but also connection and support. Especially as someone who isolated myself for years in fear of being judged and rejected, I know the value of feeling a sense of belonging.


What satisfaction do you get from blogging?


I get tremendous satisfaction from sharing myself authentically—both my successes and struggles—and knowing that it helps people. It’s been quite therapeutic for me to recycle some of my greatest pains in life into something that’s useful for others.


I gain just as much satisfaction from helping other people share their stories—which is what I spend the bulk of my time doing now. Many of the people who contribute to Tiny Buddha are new writers who have powerful stories to tell but need some assistance in shaping their message. That’s where I come in


Knowing that I play a role in helping them help others—which I know also enables them to help themselves—makes me both grateful and proud.


How did you grow your blog? What is the secret?


I don’t believe there is any secret, though I can say I had a lot of support in the beginning, which helped a great deal. Since some influential friends helped the @tinybuddha Twitter account grow, I had 50,000 followers before I even launched the site.

As for what converted those Twitter followers into blog readers, I believe it was threefold: heartfelt stories that people could identify with (from me, and later, from other people); practical tips and insights to help people deal with the universal challenges we all face; and the allure of an engaged, supportive community—which I believe grew largely because of the authenticity in the posts and comments.


How do you make money with your blog?


I earn a living through a combination of advertising, eBooks, books, and my new eCourse (shameless plug—it’s called Recreate Your Life Story: Change the Script and Be the Hero).


What are your best tips for people who want to start a successful blog?


This advice may be most relevant to people who want to start a blog similar to Tiny Buddha, but I believe a lot of it applies across the board.


Identify your “why”—your unique reason for blogging on your topic. There are countless blogs on the web, but no one else brings the same exact mix of experiences and motivations. People are drawn to personal stories, and that’s part of what will draw people to your blog: the story of why this matters to you.

Share yourself authentically in your posts. The same principal from above applies. The web overflows with advice, but it’s a lot harder to find posts that combine helpful tips and insights with authentic, relatable stories.

Choose topics that address problems people are facing. If you can get a pulse on what people need to read, and also speak to it from personal experience, you’ve found the sweet spot.

Be consistent with a schedule that you commit to somewhere on your site (whether it’s posting daily, weekly, or bi-weekly). Readers become loyal when you’re loyal to them. You do that by showing up in their inbox regularly, as you’ve told them you would.

Have fun with it. If you enjoy writing outside, make it a priority to do that. If you prefer doing video interviews, as opposed to writing blog posts, do that instead. You have to love what you’re doing to stick with it, and it’s sticking with it that enables you to grow.




Samuel Jeffery


Little Known Secrets of Successful Bloggers - 9 Influential Bloggers Show You How It's DoneSamuel Jeffery is an expat Canadian from Gold River, Vancouver Island who has been living and/or traveling abroad for over eight consecutive years with no plans of giving it up anytime soon.

He is the wizard behind the curtain, pulling the strings of Nomadic Samuel cultural travel blog.

He’s also the lesser half of Backpacking Travel Blog which he runs with his girlfriend Audrey Bergner of That Backpacker. You can connect with Samuel on his YouTube travel channel and on Google+.


When and why did you start blogging?


I launched my travel blog on July 1st, 2011. Prior to creating my travel site, I had been living overseas and/or traveling in some capacity since 2005. I had no idea travel blogging was such a popular en-devour.

It was actually a friend of mine, who read an article about travel bloggers earning money, that encouraged me to start my blog.  I only wish I had started my travel blog sooner. By the time I published my first post there were already a lot of of established travel blogs.


What satisfaction do you get from blogging?


Blogging allows me to share my stories, photos and videos with an audience larger than just my inner circle of friends and family. I feel it has added an extra dimension to my travels. Instead of just selfishly enjoying all of my adventures on my own, I’m now sharing them publicly with people I’ve never met before in person.

Sometimes, I feel kind of awkward about the entire process as I’m naturally somewhat introverted; however, blogging has opened many new doors and opportunities for me. I met my girlfriend, Audrey Bergner of That Backpacker, through my travel blog while we were teaching English in South Korea.  It’s crazy to think we probably would have never met if we had not started our sites.


How did you grow your blog? What is the secret?


I wish there was a silver bullet formula, that didn’t involve a lot of work, that I could share with you and your audience.  Unfortunately, that simply doesn’t exist.

When I first started my travel blog it was just as much of an obsession as it was a hobby. I was spending nearly all of my free time working on my blog. I was guest posting and trying to build links. In order for your site to gain traction you need to be given an enormous push in the initial stages.

A while back, I wrote a post about how to create a successful travel blog in your first year of blogging. Within that post, I talk about the different stages a blogger goes through in order to advance from newbie to established. It’s not an easy journey and many give up along the way.


The best advice I could give to someone starting today would be to not give up and to constantly be trying to improve your skills like writing, photography and video. Also SEO/social media skills like link building, social media engagement and networking are very important


How do you make money with your blog?


Bloggers make money with their sites in a number of different ways. Probably the most common way to earn money is to sell advertising on your site; however, most bloggers I know that are getting more serious with their sites eventually move away from this or create other niche sites where they can sell advertising.

Ad-sense is another way to earn money. With my two YouTube channels and ad-sense on my site I’m earning over $400 a month now. Others sell affiliate products. Your travel blog can lead to a lot of other opportunities, such as freelance writing for larger online publications. Recently, top travel bloggers are starting to get paid on press trips. It’s an exciting time to be a travel blogger.


What are your best tips for people who want to start a successful blog?


It’s paramount as a blogger to have a skill-set that is refined. It’s important to constantly be trying to improve your writing, photography and video skills. You have to think of blogging as an investment.

If you wanted to become a professional in another field you’d likely spend years attending school and/or perfecting your craft before you achieved success. Blogging is no different. Most top bloggers have spent years slogging away before they’ve achieved any level of success. If you want to get to that level you need to be prepared to do the same. 






Little Known Secrets of Successful Bloggers - 9 Influential Bloggers Show You How It's DoneIzzy is a former inner city middle school Science teacher. He quit his job in 2010 to follow his childhood dream: to become a ninja. Over the course of 4 years Izzy moved to Kyoto (Japan), found a martial arts dojo and began sharing his journey with the world.

Izzy now trains 6 hours a day in Aikido and helps people turn their dreams into a reality through one on one coaching.


When and why did you start blogging?


I started blogging in March of 2012. I started blogging to share my journey of following my childhood dream. Something inside of me knew that others could learn from my experiences and that I had a message to share. I also knew that there was a business behind all of it, but at the time I didn’t know how. But in my heart I knew the business was in there somewhere.


What satisfaction do you get from blogging?


I am able to communicate to the world what I believe are the 2 most important things we must do while on this earth.


Identify your dream & Live your dream



How did you grow your blog? What is the secret?


I grew my blog slowly and steadily. The secret is that your life must embody what you teach. I had to learn to follow a dream before I could share it. My blog is a consequence of my life, not the other way around.

I wrote guest posts and still do but I am only able to write these articles because of the daily effort I put in to grow as a human being.


How do you make money with your blog?


I coach people one on one to turn their dreams into a reality.


What are your best tips for people who want to start a successful blog?


Identify what you love, start doing it, share it with the world, and allow yourself to discover what people will pay for as you move forward.

Oh yeah! If it scares you… do it!




Sabrina Iovino



Sabrina Iovino is a half German, half Italian, currently living in Istanbul. She has been on the road since 2008 and lived in various places around the globe.

Her website Just One Way Ticket is all about traveling as a lifestyle, extraordinary destinations and adventure travel. The blog features some great photography and very inspiring, informational and even funny articles.

Just One Way Ticket is one of the newest travel blogs out there, the website is only one year old but grew to over 80,000 unique visitors per month from more than 190 countries.

You can connect with Sabrina on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn | Google+.


When and why did you start blogging?


A little bit more than a year ago, my blog Just One Way Ticket went online. I wanted to start a blog a very long time ago but I was always too lazy. One day I read that some travel bloggers are actually making money with their travel blogs. Suddenly I was hooked.

I don’t like to admit it but I started the blog with the purpose of making money online. The good news is, it’s possible. The bad news is, you will most probably not get rich from it. But after all this traveling and blogging I actually realized, I don’t want to get rich anymore. Doing what I love makes me feel even more rich.


What satisfaction do you get from blogging?


Every time I receive an email from a reader who says that I inspired him or her, I smile for the rest of the day. That’s my main mission, I want to inspire people and make them happy. I want people to get out and chase their dreams and not waste time or money on the wrong things.


How did you grow your blog? What is the secret?


There is really no secret. Hard work pays off. It won’t happen overnight. Promote yourself like hell. A third of my blog posts went viral because I was sending the links to relevant huge groups on Facebook, asking politely if they would like to share it. It might sound like spam, but here is the thing: If your post is valuable, nobody would consider it as spam.


People will love your post if you write something that people want to share, something THAT HELPS PEOPLE


How do you make money with your blog?


I have several income streams. 
These are:


Google Adsense

I know many people don’t like it, but if you change the look and colors of the ads so that they match well with your blog design I don’t see a problem. I earn over 250 bucks a month from Adsense, it’s too much to reject it.


Affiliate sales

Find awesome products you love and promote the heck out of them. Write detailed reviews about useful products. If you’re doing a nice presentation you might even get free products in the future, simply because people want you to review it.



I offer ad space for advertisers.

After one year of blogging I’m happy to say that my blog makes enough income to support my travel lifestyle or live comfortably at one place. I have to say that I live a simple lifestyle. I don’t need to stay in a penthouse – a room in a shared flat is more than enough for me.

I don’t have any luxury items and I’m definitely not addicted to shopping. I travel a lot and it’s very convenient that everything I own fits in a backpack.


What are your best tips for people who want to start a successful blog?


There is so much to say, so I will just throw everything in here that comes to mind and that helped me get to where I am right now.

Network. Connect with influencers in your niche. Share their stuff and eventually if you’re writing epic stuff, they will share it too. Join relevant blogger groups on Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Add stunning photos to your blog posts. People are visual and they love to see beautiful photos. If you’re not a great photographer, use Creative Commons but always credit the photographer. I truly believe that my images are a reason for my success as well.

Write long posts rather than short ones. They rank better in search engines. It is better to have one great post per month than 3 average posts per week. Don’t just write for the sake of writing. Spend a lot of time on promoting your posts.

Focus on one niche. It’s better to be an expert in one field than knowing a little bit about 20 different things.

Design is very important. Spending money on a professional designer will be one of your best investments. If your blog is not attractive people will be less likely to revisit it.

Get help for the stuff you are not perfect at. If your English is not perfect (like mine), get editors. Some might do it for free if you provide a back link.

Never ever buy fans. And if you did, it’s better to start over. Fake fans are worthless. I don’t care how many followers or fans you have, I care about how many people are engaged with what you say.

Stay humble. If you give good, you will get good.

Never give up. You might not get rich from blogging but if you’re able to adapt to a simple lifestyle you can definitely make it. Being able to work from anywhere in the world on something that you truly love is a way to live a happy life.




Jelle Hermus


How to be a successful blogger. 9 influential bloggers tell you how it's doneJelle Hermus wants to make people happier in the easiest ways possible. He is writer, designer, tree hugger and entrepreneur. He lives in the small but charming Dutch city of Delft. He loves traveling, Dutch apple pie and technology.

His blog, soChicken, is a blog with simple and practical tips for a happier and healthier life.

Over the past few years soChicken has grown to become one of the most popular independent blogs in the Netherlands. They even received a national award!

On soChicken you’ll find the best and most effective ways to a life filled with more health, inner peace, happiness, love and excitement.


When and why did you start blogging?


My blogging adventure began in 2004, and it started out as a pretty strange podcast. Together with a good friend, we talked about our lives and our pursuits in living happier and healthier. At some point we stopped making podcasts and I started blogging. As soon as I discovered that there where people out there who were actually reading what I was writing, I just couldn’t stop.


As soon as I come across a great idea, or a great insight, I want to share it with these people. I want to share great things and my blog is my main way of doing that



What satisfaction do you get from blogging?


Well, I get the satisfaction of learning a lot. Not only about blogging and running a business, but also about the subjects I write about and mostly about myself. The Dutch version of soChicken receives more then 500,000 visitors a month. That makes it big enough in our tiny country for people to recognize me on the streets. Which is strange, but also very satisfying.


How did you grow your blog? What is the secret?


The ‘secret’ is perseverance. As I said, I started my blog in 2004. And since then, I’ve worked on it almost every day. It’s not that I work extremely hard (I tend not to like that), I just work very often and very consistently. If you grow a little bit every day, that growth starts to add up.


How do you make money with your blog?


Adsense was my first love. I used it for years, combined with some affiliate programs like (the Dutch Amazon). Not too long ago, I said goodbye to Adsense. The products I have developed for soChicken make most of the money now. And I like that much better, because I can make sure our visitors receive quality products.


What are your best tips for people who want to start a successful blog?


Make your blog a habit. Determine a posting schedule and stick to it, no matter what. If you fail, get back on the schedule asap. And while you’re at it, constantly improve your writing. Make sure you get better in every way. And be patient. Some blogs seem to grow very rapidly, but most blogs grow slowly and consistently. And that’s fine, since you have to grow with your blog.




Dave & Deb


Little Known Secrets of Successful Bloggers - 9 Influential Bloggers Show You How It's DoneThe Planet D inspires adventure in everyoneDave & Deb are one of travel’s most passionate storytellers; exploring the world one experience at a time.

Married for over 17 years, they travel the globe showcasing their real-time journey and broadcasting their stories through travel writing, photography, video and engaging social media.


As spokespeople and international ambassadors, The Planet D have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top companies and brands – while discovering more than 80 countries on all seven continents. Currently, they are American Express Ambassadors and Real-Life Potentialists.

These programs feature interesting people who have taken the leap to live out their dreams.

They have been featured in Expedia’s ‘Find Yours Campaign’, showcasing how travel transformed their lives. The Planet D are proud Expedia Viewfinders who write for and represent They hosted videos as part of the HouseTrip Diplomats program, and they regularly appear on CTV in Canada as travel experts.

Among many media interviews and profiles, The Planet D have also been featured in publications like BBC Travel, National Geographic, The National Post, Globe and Mail, and the Toronto Star.

Dave & Deb aim to inspire people to follow their dreams and push their boundaries. For The Planet D, every day is a new adventure.


When and why did you guys start blogging?


We started blogging in 2008. We signed up for a cycling race from Cairo to Cape Town in Africa and one of the requirements was that we started a blog that they could link to our bios and for people to follow our progress through the continent.

We wanted to pitch a TV Show and use the photos, writing and videos on our blog as a CV. We spent 6 months after the race pitching the show idea and writing episodes. We came very close to making something happen. We signed with a production company and they even had a distributor, but unfortunately it all eventually fizzled.

It was a year later that we decided to raise our profile and we picked up the blog from where we left off. We had traveled extensively for nearly a decade at that point so we had a lot of material to choose from. We took our travel knowledge and started writing about ourselves, our experiences and what advice we could give people. We found that we really liked it.

I took a writing course at a local college and Dave honed his photography skills through workshops, joining photography clubs and drawing on his experience in the film business lighting feature films for the last decade. We began to see this as the future and put our dreams of a TV show aside. We decided we wanted to be in charge of our own destiny and we focused on the blog.


What satisfaction do you guys get from blogging?


I almost answered it above. We love being in charge of our destiny. We love having control of shooting and editing our own videos. We love being able to choose the destinations we go to and we love sharing our stories and opening our hearts.



There is something very liberating about putting your feelings out there for everyone to see


Most of all, we love being able to do all of this together. We love being with each other. Not only are we a very passionate couple, we are also best friends. We love working together, exploring together, inspiring each other and achieving things together that we never thought possible. There’s nothing more fulfilling than climbing to the top of a mountain or finishing a grueling trek with the one you love. It brings you closer together.


 How did you grow your blog? What is the secret?


It takes time. A lot of new bloggers think it will happen over night. We’ve been growing our blog for five years and we’re still not where we want to be. You have to be consistent and keep working at it. Write for other people, work on your social media, keep traveling and have a fresh voice.



We took great efforts to reach out to our fellow bloggers and support each other. We made great friends in the beginning and they have continued to be our friends. Having a circle of people to grow with and support one another can be a great asset


We’ve watched many of our friends who we started out with, grow to become a huge success. It’s amazing. Find a support group, exchange ideas and get yourself out there as much as possible. The more people see you, the more they will start to think of you as an authority.


How do you make money with your blog?


Having a film and TV background, we always had the goal of becoming travel experts so that companies would seek us out as spokespeople or ambassadors. We thought outside the box and looked at ourselves as the athletes or celebrities of the travel industry.

If we could raise our brand and establish ourselves as travel experts, companies would think of us as their brand ambassador like Burton Snowboards works with Shaun White or how Tag Heuer uses Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet.

We love being in the spotlight and speaking publicly, and now we are Ambassadors for companies like American Express Canada. We are part of the amazing Expedia Viewfinder Team and we are HouseTrip Diplomats. They leverage our authority and expertise to promote their services and brand. It makes sense as these are all companies we use and love and it’s a no brainer for us to talk about their benefits.

We do TV appearances and we do public speaking and appearances at trade show. We also partner with several other brands and tourist boards creating campaigns with them to get the word out about their company or destination.


What are your best tips for people who want to start a successful blog?


Write about what you love and what you love about your topic. Everyone says that you have to find a niche and that can be difficult. Instead think of what unique thing drew you to your topic in the first place.

You can’t force your niche, but you can find it. We found that we loved doing adventures together. We always seemed to be climbing a mountain, trying a new sport or heading out on a trek together. That ended up being our niche because it was easy to write about.

We loved writing about our experiences as a couple and we loved writing about adventures. Food is a popular subject, but I am terrible at writing about it. If I forced that in to our blog just because it was the popular choice, I’d fail. Instead I had to follow what I love.

When you start your blog, start off professional right from the start. Give valuable information to your readers, inspire them, excite them or make them laugh. Set up your social media channels and start building that audience and get to know people in the blogging world.

Write for as many people as you can to reach a broader audience. Be consistent with your content and most of all have fun and patience.




Yoshke Dimen



Little Known Secrets of Successful Bloggers - 9 Influential Bloggers Show You How It's Done - interview with Yoshke Dimen the poor travelerYoshke Dimen is a travel blogger and a social media marketing consultant who specializes in content strategies for travel companies. He started his career in digital marketing through his blogs. He is a co-founder of, one of the biggest travel-oriented Facebook pages in Asia (over 1.3 million likes).


When and why did you start blogging?


Out of sheer boredom. I started blogging in March 2005. I was in college and my class that afternoon was cancelled. I set up a personal blog. (It’s still alive —

I had always kept a handwritten diary, and I just felt like it was time to take it online. I started not for any other reason but simply to have an avenue to express myself and share random events about my average college life.

I launched my travel blog,, in 2009 to document my trips, and another website,, a few months later.


What satisfaction do you get from blogging?


Blogging keeps me to my writing roots. This is the only way I am able to write these days. Writing has always been what I enjoy best since I was a kid. But then “growing up” happened. Adulthood dumped a truckload of responsibilities in front of me. Blogging is the only form of expression that I am left with.


How did you grow your blog? What is the secret?


Content. I strive my best to make every single post matter. I try to put value in every post — information, inspiration, entertainment, anything that would add value to the online experience of the reader.


Whenever I write a blog post, I always ask myself three things:

1. Is it something worth writing about?

2. Is it something that readers would be compelled enough to share?

c. Is it something I could be proud of?


My goal is to make every new reader who found my blog through Search to keep reading, follow the blog on social media, and return regularly because he/she enjoys the blog.


How do you make money with your blog?


Ads, mostly. I sometimes do promotions on the Facebook pages of my blogs, but it’s mostly ads.


What are your best tips for people who want to start a successful blog?


Content first. Readers will come eventually, but you need to give them a reason to visit your blog and an even bigger reason to return and promote it.

Offer something new. It is not enough to start a blog. Say, if you want to start a travel blog, you need to ask yourself, “What about it? What is that something new that I can bring to the table?”

A good angle sets you apart from the countless other blogs out there, establishes your brand, and also builds credibility.




Tyler Tervooren



Tyler tervoorenTyler Tervooren founded where he shares original research and insights about winning at life, business, and adventure by taking smarter risks. For more information you can join his Smart Riskologist Newsletter.


When and why did you start blogging?


I started blogging in 2010 after being laid off from a job in construction—the field I got my degree in. I realized the career path I was on was not making me happy which lead me to making my first ever New Year’s resolution for 2010 – to quit my job by June. I got laid off in February!

I decided to start blogging because I was super passionate about getting myself and those around me to become more comfortable taking risks and going after bigger things. I saw being laid off from my job as an opportunity to throw myself into blogging full-time. I’d seen a few of my friends become successful doing it, so I thought, “Hey, I should give this a shot.”


What satisfaction do you get from blogging?


I really love the almost instant feedback you can get from your audience when you write something that resonates with them. I’m biased, of course, but has the smartest readers on the Internet and they’re constantly adding value and wisdom to the articles I write in the comments section.


How did you grow your blog? What is the secret?


Well, I think the secret is—unfortunately—that there is no secret.


There are a million tactics you can use to build an audience but what really matters is the strategy that guides them. And you have to pick a strategy that allows you to stay true to your values.


For me, that meant always writing the very best content I could even if it meant foregoing other opportunities, and then I spent a lot of time courting big media opportunities and writing guest posts for bigger, popular blogs.


How do you make money with your blog?


The blog itself doesn’t make money. Anyone can read for free with no obligation. It’s my platform and I’d keep doing it even if I never made a cent because of it. But, I sometimes take popular themes from the blog and turn them into more in-depth courses and training that I sell to readers who want to go deeper in a particular subject.


What are your best tips for people who want to start a successful blog?


Have something important to say. Focus on that above everything else. The blog is really just a delivery tool. When you have an important message, you can deliver it in many ways and a blog is just one of them.

Get very clear about your message first, and then decide if a blog is actually the right tool. If it is, then write consistently, write the best content you possibly can and don’t be afraid to try to get your name out (in a non-obnoxious way, of course!).




Karol K


Little Known Secrets of Successful Bloggers - 9 Influential Bloggers Show You How It's Done - interview with karol k new internet orderKarol K is a blogger and freelance writer from Poland. After getting a degree in computer science, he decided that programming wasn’t the right path for him after all. So he started pursuing other careers, which has lead him to getting his first book deal and even recording his first album.

His blog is geared at providing online business advice for normal people. People who are not crazy about working on their business round the clock, and who are not very keen on spending thousands of dollars on shady services that do more bad than good.


When and why did you start blogging?


I don’t quite remember when, but it was somewhere around 2 years ago. The reason why was simple. I just had some time on my hands and blogging was a trendy thing. I didn’t have any specific goals at first. I just wanted to write and have a place to store my ideas. Later on, it transitioned to other things.


What satisfaction do you get from blogging?


I feel that I’m part of something bigger than myself. My work will always be out there, and whoever is interested will be able to see it for years. This is a cool feeling.


How did you grow your blog? What is the secret?


Guest posting and making connections with other bloggers. When you build a personal network, you get a great asset you can use for various purposes.


How do you make money with your blog?


My blog isn’t directly monetized right now, which means I don’t exchange clicks for dollars.


The way I make money with it is through freelance deals and other projects. Clients reach out to me when they see my work either on the web (guest posts) or on my site


What are your best tips for people who want to start a successful blog?


Get a good looking design first. The cover is still more important than the book.

Then, focus on publishing the type of content you enjoy publishing. If you’re not having fun writing the post, people surely won’t have fun reading it.

Then, start interacting with other bloggers and building your network. No one has ever gotten popular on their own, it’s always a result of someone bigger spreading the word about you.


This article has given you many insights and secrets of successful bloggers. I hope you feel more inspired and equipped to start and/or grow your own blog.


What do you think? What are the secrets of successful bloggers?

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