The 8 Day Challenge That Will Renew Your Relationship

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At the beginning of your relationship you felt completely in love, like nothing could come between the two of you.

You were finally living the romantic fantasy you had been waiting for. A future together seemed so bright and exciting.

Then slowly overtime, that immense feeling of love and passion seemed to fade.

You still love and care for each other but things just aren’t the same anymore. So you are reading this article in hope that you will find the secret to reliving what you so desperately want back – to fall in love again, to be head over heals and to be swept off your feet!

You have probably asked yourself the question if this is even possible at all. Can two people really stay in love with each other until they are old and grey and if so how?


What no one ever told you about love

It really is possible to have a long lasting and passionate relationship. There is just one fundamental truth that you have to know – which I will explain in just a moment! I will also show you how to renew your relationship in just 8 days!

But first it is important to understand that to be good at anything you need to understand it accurately.

If you want to be a teacher you need to know how to teach. If you want to be a doctor you need to understand medicine and illnesses. If you want to turn your relationship into a loving and passionate one, you need to understand love for what it really is.

It sounds logical right?

So, the first step to having the relationship you have always wanted is to understand love.


Love is not a feeling, it is a choice – This is the fundamental truth that you have to know about love.


Love is a verb. Love-the feeling-is a fruit of love, the verb – Stephen Covey


At the beginning of your relationship, you felt the feeling of love because you were both willing to do anything for each other.

Maybe you took each other out on dates, bought each other gifts, gave countless massages, texted and talked on the phone constantly, called each other sweet names, helped each other with difficult tasks and the list goes on.

How can you not feel loved by that?

That’s what you want back right? You want to feel as loved as you did at the beginning of your relationship where you felt butterflies in your stomach.

The ‘in love’ phase


The first two years of a relationship is commonly known as the ‘in love’ period where you naturally feel love and passion. This is the phase where you are more willing to do things for each other naturally because it’s exciting and new for you.

It is after these two years that you really have to start working on your relationship.

After about two years, the pink glasses ware off and in order to feel ‘in love’ again you have to make a conscious action to love each other.

Like Stephen Covey says;


Love the feeling is a fruit of love, the verb


When you make the choice to show love to your partner, they will naturally feel loved. As a result, they will respond in a loving way back to you and you will then feel loved. It is like a cycle.

But when love is conditional, for example – you only show love when you feel loved – then you will both always be waiting for the other person to make the first move. This means that a lot of the time, both of you do not feel loved and you wonder why things aren’t like they used to be.


Love is unconditional


Love is an action that should be taken regardless of how you feel or how much love your partner gives you. When you choose to show love, you promote a cycle of love in your relationship.

To help you to revive and renew the love in your relationship, here is an 8-day challenge for you to take.

This challenge encourages you to make an active decision to show love to your partner at least once a day.

You are probably thinking, “that’s easy…I only have to show love once a day! Is that all it takes?”.

The truth is, to truly show love when you do not naturally feel like it, is hard. The good news is that this challenge will show how much of an impact a few simple actions can have and will teach you what true love really looks like.

You will notice your partner respond in a whole new way to you and will begin to see your relationship transform.


The 8-day challenge that will renew your relationship


Day 1: Love is kind

What need does your partner have that you could meet? Today, demonstrate your love by meeting a need for your partner.

Perhaps you could run an errand, offer to help around the house or give your partner a massage.


Day 2: Love let’s the other win

Show love to your partner today by deciding to give into an area of disagreement. Let your partner know that you want to put their preference first.


Day 3: Love is selfless

Today’s challenge is to buy your partner a gift. Where your money is, your heart is too. In other words, what you spend your time, money and effort on will show what is most important to you.


Day 4: Love is patient

Today, commit to saying nothing negative to your partner all day. At times, it might be incredibly difficult for you to hold your tongue. But just remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say….don’t say anything at all!


Day 5: Love always forgives

If there is anything you have not forgiven your partner for, do it by the end of today. We should never let the sun go down on anger or bitterness.

Forgiveness will take you to a new level with your partner as you choose to trust and love them beyond their imperfections.


Day 6: Love supports dreams

Does your partner have a dream? Today, talk to your partner about their dreams and desires and begin writing out a plan of how you can reach them together.


Day 7: Love is thoughtful

Today, contact your partner randomly during the day with no other agenda than to ask them how they are doing and if there is anything you can do for them.


Day 8: Learn your partners love language

Learning your partners love language (the way he/she communicates and understands love) is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your relationship.

You and your partners love language may be as different as Chinese and English. You may be completely sincere when showing love to your partner but if you are not showing love in a way that they understand it, it will have little impact (a typical reason relationships don’t last).

There are five love languages including; Words of Affirmation, Quality time, Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. To find out what your and your partners love language is read this article.


Love = Action

Having a long lasting and passionate relationship really is possible. You just have to understand love for what it really is. Love is an action and the feeling of being ‘in love’ is a result of love, the action.

We hope that you will take on this 8-day challenge. It really does capture the meaning of love as an action and will result in a new level of love and passion in your relationship.

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