77 Amazing Reasons To Be Grateful In Life

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Happiness, Meaning & Purpose | 20 comments

Do you ever just feel completely blah?

Maybe you feel unmotivated, unsatisfied, or even a little hopeless …

And you want so badly to pick yourself up and feel positive again, but it’s just so difficult to shake off this negative state of mind.

Sound familiar?

The truth is, we all go through periods where we just feel like crawling into a hole and hibernating and hoping that when we wake up, all our problems will have disappeared, and we’ll finally feel like a million bucks.

I’ve certainly felt that way at times.

I remember one period in particular when I felt trapped in a mildly depressing state.

It seemed to go on for weeks, and I felt frustrated. I just wanted to see the glass half full rather than half empty. I just wanted to feel positive.

And then one day, I had enough. After feeling so down and hopeless, I thought – if I write a list of everything I’m grateful for, maybe I can break out of this negative mindset.

So I did.

I sat outside in the garden with my pen and paper, and I wrote. Surprisingly, once my pen started moving, it just wouldn’t stop.

As my mind flooded with all the things I appreciated in my life, I realized something profound…

We all have countless reasons to be grateful. But somehow, we become so fixated on having the perfect life that we overlook them.

We want to win the lottery, we want to become highly successful, we want to be popular, we want our life to be easier than it already is …

We are too busy wanting and believing that we need more before we can be truly happy.

And so we end up feeling unhappy — and even depressed at times.

But something’s different about me now.

For the first time, I have an amazing sense of gratefulness, and I feel content with my life … just as it is.

Because I have realized that living a happy and fulfilling life is not about climbing an upward staircase where life slowly gets better and better.

Rather, it’s about being mindful, and noticing and appreciating all the tiny, yet beautiful things happening all around us, every day.

“Happiness is letting go of what you think life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is” – Mandy Hale

So, to help you get to this place too, I want to share with you 77 amazing reasons why you can be grateful in your life.

Perhaps not all of them will apply to you, but I’m sure you will find plenty that do. The point here is to focus on what you CAN be grateful for, not on what your life is lacking. Maybe you can even add some of your own reasons to the list.

So here you go … 77 Amazing reasons to be grateful in life


You can be grateful that:

  1. You are surrounded by beautiful things.
  2. You can feel excited.
  3. You can grow.
  4. You can learn.
  5. You do not feel constant pain.
  6. You are not starving.
  7. You can help others.
  8. You can laugh and smile.
  9. You are alive.
  10. You can feel happy.
  11. You are unique.
  12. You have a sense of purpose in your life.
  13. One day (if not already) you will have children and a family of you own. (Well … hopefully!)
  14. You have a positive future.
  15. You live in a house.
  16. You can dare to dream.
  17. You can reflect on and improve yourself.
  18. You can feel peaceful.
  19. You can make life more simple if you choose to.
  20. You can hear, see, smell, and taste.
  21. You can make your own choices.
  22. You can make wise choices.
  23. You can rely on other people.
  24. You can walk and run.
  25. You can enjoy yourself.
  26. You have people to support you through hard times.
  27. You have time – and can choose what to do with it.
  28. You are not forced to work ridiculous hours.
  29. You do not have to beg for things.
  30. You can make people feel loved.
  31. You can enrich the lives of others.
  32. You can travel and see the world.
  33. You have hope for your future.
  34. You can forgive people.
  35. You can feel love for people.
  36. You can choose to let go of bitterness and negativity.
  37. You can be grateful.
  38. You know right from wrong.
  39. You are not seriously ill.
  40. You are not alone.
  41. You can challenge your thoughts.
  42. You are not being bullied.
  43. You are not on anyone’s hit list.
  44. In many ways, life makes sense.
  45. You can be optimistic.
  46. You can sleep peacefully at night.
  47. You don’t have many nightmares.
  48. You can discover new things every day.
  49. You believe in something bigger than yourself.
  50. You feel safe most of the time.
  51. You can be warm at night.
  52. You have clothes and luxurious things.
  53. You have meaningful and deep relationships.
  54. You have never lived through a war.
  55. You are not in constant danger.
  56. You are not terrified for your life.
  57. You like who you are.
  58. You can relax.
  59. You have a sense of belonging and community.


You can be grateful for:

  1. Your family.
  2. Your friends.
  3. Your loving partner.
  4. Your education.
  5. Your body.
  6. Your health.
  7. Your self-value.
  8. Your confidence.
  9. Your cat (or dog, or mouse, or guinea pig – you get the point).
  10. Your ambition.
  11. Your personality.


You can be grateful that:

  1. Sadness always passes.
  2. Your family members like being around each other.
  3. Troubles fade away.
  4. Right now, it’s beautiful weather, and it feels good.
  5. People love and value you.
  6. There is life all around you.
  7. You don’t know all the answers because if you did, you would have a ton of responsibility

The truth is, we all have so many reasons to be grateful in life. But it’s not until we truly sit down and think about it that we realize just how much we have.

After writing my personal gratitude list, a part of me even felt a bit ashamed.

I thought, here I am feeling all negative and depressed while I am more fortunate than so many other people in the world.

I thought, what more do I really want? And if I have more, will I even be happier?

What do you have to be grateful for?

I challenge you from today onward to focus more on what you already have and celebrate these things every day.

A grateful heart is where true happiness lies.

Feel free to hop over to the comment section to share what you’re most grateful for in your life. We’d love to hear from you!

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