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Addicted to travel - 8 warning signs


Traveling is one of the most fulfilling things you can do.

When you travel, you feel free and an overwhelming sense of happiness.

You know that this is the life that you’ve always wanted. You’re really excited about everything and the feeling that your life is not predictable anymore is priceless.

If this sounds like you.. then watch out, you might develop a chronic addiction to travel.

To help you figure out if you need to see a travel doctor, here are 8 early warning signs that you are becoming addicted to travel.


1. You forgot how to speak your native language


To recognize this warning sign here are a few examples:

  • You start thinking in English instead of your native language
  • You have troubles to make yourself understood when you Skype with your grandparents


2. You are always thinking about where to go next


  • Your backpack is so full of brochures and guidebooks that it makes up half the weight of it
  • Your guidebooks are falling apart because you are always looking in them to find your next destination


3. You keep on dating people from other countries because you secretly want a reasons to stay abroad


  • You’ve learned all the pick up lines in the local language of the country you are visiting
  • You visit every bar in town to put your, just learned, pick up lines into practice
  • When you find out that somebody is not from your home country, you immediately fall in love with them


4. You forgot what money in your home country looks like


5. Instead of wearing the latest fashion, you wear old clothes and look like a bum, so you can afford your next flight ticket


6. All you own is:

  • 5 pairs of underpants
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • a few t-shirts
  • a pair of 2 dollar flip flops


7. You have no clue what time, date or day it is

  • You have to fill in a form or book a flight and you have to ask somebody what date it is
  • You guess the time by looking at the sun
  • You realize what day it is, because the local bar always has a happy hour on Friday


8. You forgot what your mum and dad look like


Are you addicted to travel?


If you experience the above warning signs, then don’t panic.

The only thing you can do when you are addicted to travel is to…, travel & travel more.

The shocking truth about a travel addiction is that you can’t cure it. So why don’t you just give in and admit that you are addicted to travel.

To be honest with you, it’s not a bad thing to be addicted to travel. Traveling has a lot of great advantages and there are a lot of reasons why you should travel.

So give in and keep up the traveling! If you are yet to experience a high dose of travel, then start today. I assure you that you will never regret getting addicted to traveling. Of all addictions, this is by far the best addiction you can choose.

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Are you addicted to travel? Do you recognize these warning signs? Join the discussion now and leave a comment down below!


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