5 Surprising Things Dogs Teach Us About Having a Ridiculously Happy LifeDid you know that dogs can teach us extraordinary lessons for having a happier and more fulfilling life.

Here are the five most surprising things we can learn from dogs.


1. Enthusiasm!


Ever noticed how dogs are so enthusiastic?

The look on a dogs face when he hears the rattling of his leash or the way he lifts himself onto his back legs and jumps around like crazy when he see’s you pick up his ball…

You won’t see a dog looking droopy or depressed when they are offered an opportunity to embark on an adventure to the beach or a trip to the park.

Throw his ball in the water, and you wont see him waste a second to think, “Should I jump in the cold water and get wet?”

Before you can blink your eyes he will be swimming back to shore with his retrieved ball his mouth.


This is what we need to be like!


We need to throw away our negative thoughts, our slouchy posture, that droopy look on our face and that pessimistic mindset.

Anthony Robins, World famous motivational speaker quotes;


You can become ecstatic by immediately adopting that point of view that creates that emotion. You can picture in your mind the kinds of things that create this feeling. You can change the tone and content of your internal dialogue with yourself. You can adopt the specific postures and breathing patterns that create the state in your body, and voila! You will experience ecstasy


What he is basically saying is that we have control over our emotions and the way we view our life. If you want to feel more excited and enthusiastic…then you can!

In a way, dogs are way ahead of us when it comes to making the most of life.

So lets learn from our dog…or the dog next door. Be enthusiastic and make the most of every opportunity. Enthusiasm will guarantee you a much more happy life.


2. Dogs never hold grudges


Have you ever scolded your dog? Or neglected her daily walk because of your busy life?

Have you ever watched your dog stair through the glass doors with those puppy dog eyes while you simply sit in front of the TV all day, do nothing to entertain her and give her no affection?

Time and time again this happens. We would never treat our friends like this. Yet dogs are supposed to be mans best friend.

But the amazing thing about dogs is that the minute you choose to give them time or affection again, they will immediately leap into your arms, lick your face and forget about all the things you did not do for them.

Dogs do not hold grudges! We need to be more like dogs if we want to live a happier life.


When we hold a grudge, we will store up anger and bitterness in our minds. It poison’s us!


Like a snake bites his prey, his prey is the one that suffers, not the snake. The prey is poisoned while the snake goes on to live a happy life.

Don’t let the snake poison you. Don’t let the snake win.

Throw away all the poison that you have stored up like bitterness and anger and choose to live a happy, positive life!

Grudges are fruitless and counter productive!

Holding onto a grudge will stop you from feeling happy and enjoying the present.

So be more like a dog and let go of any grudges you may have and the anger and bitterness that comes with them so that you can live a ridiculously happy life!


3. Dogs don’t need to be productive to be happy. They can simply enjoy.


Have you ever watched a dog repeatedly run after a ball and bring it back only to do it again and again?

If you are like me, you have probably thought at some point “how silly! How can dogs find enjoyment in doing the same thing over and over again” and “how pointless is that!”.

Secretly, I think we are all jealous!

Deep inside, we wish we could just do something absolutely pointless and be okay with that.

We have been accustomed to living a productive lifestyle where we have forgotten how to enjoy simple moments in life.

If there’s no purpose to an activity then we see it as pointless. We ask ourselves questions like;


“Will it make me money?”

“Will it teach me something?”

“Will it help to move closer to a goal?”


But what about asking ourselves questions like;


“Will it make me laugh?”

“Will it make me feel happy?”



And let that be enough!

Dogs have learnt to truly value their happiness. That is their biggest goal in life…to have fun, to feel good and to enjoy!

Dogs teach us that life is here to enjoy. They teach us to live in the moment and do what makes us feel happy…not what we think is the most productive, time efficient or useful things to do.

So take a step away from what you are so used to doing and just enjoy yourself…even if it means doing the absolute most pointless thing!


4. Dogs accept a humble place


Dogs will sit at your feet, give you their paw and obey your commands. They give a true example of humility!

Being humble will make you a much happier person…here’s why;

When you are humble, you will be free of envy and you will find yourself feeling genuinely happy for other people’s success!

The ability to be humble also shows us that we are confident in who we are without having to prove ourselves to others. It shows that we don’t need to appear the greatest for us to feel good about ourselves but that we already know our amazing value.


Pride is what makes us boast and compete with others. But why do people boast about how great they are and try to constantly compete with others?


When you pay enough attention to it, you will notice that competitive people are often insecure people. They need others peoples approval and a high status to feel good about themselves. They are constantly trying to prove their worth to others.

When you see a humble person, he will never boast. He will never shout out about all the great things he has done. This is because he does not need to do this to feel valued.


Mother Theresa quotes;


Never bother about other peoples opinions. Be humble and you will never be disturbed


This shows us that there is something really refreshing about being humble. It shows us that nothing can get in our way from feeling positive or happy about ourselves if we learn to be humble.

Learn from your fury friend and adopt a more humble attitude to life so that you can live a much happier and free life.


5. Dogs are incredibly loyal


Friendship is one of life’s greats joys! And loyalty is a very necessary ingredient for great friendships.

Loyalty helps us to have trusting and caring relationships where we can rely on and depend on others, be ourselves and create great moments.

Dogs give a great example of loyalty.

Ever noticed how a dog always sticks to his owner? You will never see a dog at the park trying to go home with a different owner.


In the eyes of your dog, you are the greatest person in the whole world. You are your dog’s best friend and he will never betray you.


This is something to be cherished.

Be more like a dog and adopt a kind a loyalty toward others that can never be broken.

You will see your life become enriched with amazing relationships. This is one of the keys to having a very happy life.


Dogs are the perfect example for how to live a ridiculously happy life.


How they came to be so positive…who knows! But we can certainly learn a lot from them.

Let these examples of enthusiasm, loyalty, humility, forgiveness and simply enjoying the moment guide you towards a new level of happiness.

Dogs show us that these things really do lead to happiness, as they are full of joy, energy and excitement.


What other things has your dog inspired you with? (or the dog next door). Please share your ideas!



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