self improvement resourcesYou know the feeling right?

Hours and hours you spend searching the Internet in the hope to find a solution for your problem.

You wonder how hard it can be to find the right resource. That one article, video, course or book that will solve your problem.

Maybe you lack self-confidence, get angry easily, don’t like your job or you miss a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

Whatever it is, there is a humongous amount of information out there. To be honest, I think we can all agree that there is too much information and it can be really overwhelming.

Of course you only want the best for yourself. You want to read the articles, videos, and books or do the courses that will really help you.

Not the ones that barely scratch the surface, but the ones that cause a profound change inside of you.

The ones that are thought provoking and shake things up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a comprehensive list of self-improvement resources so you won’t have to stroll the Internet anymore?

Well… now you do.

I carefully selected the following list of self-improvement resources over the last few months.

You can pull from these resources when you want a boost of self-confidence or self esteem, to let go of anger, healthier relationships or a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Some will be thought provoking and others will inspire you to take action. Some of them will even make you laugh out loud by the way they get their message across.

So, here we go!


How To Increase Your Self-confidence & Self-esteem

Low self-confidence and low self-esteem can really hold you back from getting the most out of your life.

The truth is that you don’t have to go through life feeling insecure and having doubts about yourself.

If you struggle in this way then definitely take a good look at the resources below.

  1. Take these 25 killer actions to feel terrific about yourself.
  1. Make sure you have a healthy mental diet.
  1. Read our review on one of the best courses around for developing unshakable self-confidence.
  1. Absorb these 12 powerful tips on improving your self-esteem.
  1. Learn that self-confidence is a skill that can be learned (video).
  1. Start the process of strengthening your self-esteem.
  1. Learn these 10 surprising ways to boost your self-confidence.
  1. Do you send out these 20 signals of self-doubt?
  1. Know these 29 great ways to increase your feelings of self-worth.
  1. Get to know these 5 secrets to building self-confidence.
  1. Read these 53 quotes about self-esteem and self-love.
  1. Learn that self-esteem is closely connected to your values and integrity.


Recommended by Bastiaan & Chantalle


How To Deal With Anger & Let Go Of The Past

I think we can all admit that we get angry at times. Perhaps you struggle with daily frustrations and keeping your temper. Or perhaps you’ve been hurt in the past and you just can’t seem to let go and forgive.

Holding onto anger for too long is like taking poison and expecting the other person to get sick.

Below you’ll find some fantastic resources on handling daily anger and on letting go of past anger and hurt.

  1. Read one of the best books on how to handle anger in a healthy way.
  1. Sometimes you need to “Unfluster” (hilarious video).
  1. Learn these 6 powerful ways to let go of anger.
  1. Read this book about why your “whole” self and not just your “good” self drives success and fulfillment.
  1. Here are 8 great reasons why you should let go and powerful ways to actually do it.
  1. How to let go and forgive somebody who has hurt you.
  1. Learn the important steps for letting go of resentment.
  1. How do you forgive when it feels impossible?
  1. Read these 30 great tips to let go when it’s really hard to do so.
  1. Forgive these 4 people in order to eliminate anger and blame.


Free Masterclass recommended by Bastiaan & Chantalle (Becoming Limitless in your life)

How To Live A Meaningful & Fulfilling Life

A lot of us are looking for more meaning and fulfillment in our lives.

One of the most asked questions in this world is probably: “What is the purpose of life?”

These great resources will help you to figure out how you can make your life more meaningful.

  1. Learn 7 powerful ways to add meaning to your life.
  1. Absorb the no. 1 tips from 33 experts on how to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.
  1. Realize how important values are for living a meaningful life.
  1. Learn that happiness is not enough and that a life without meaning will make you sick.
  1. Read the world famous book Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl.
  1. Watch this video on what makes life meaningful.
  1. Learn why a happy life might not be a meaningful life.
  1. Watch this powerful message by holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl (video).
  1. Read this article on one of the biggest keys to living a fulfilling life.
  1. Learn about the differences between a happy and a meaningful life.
  1. Ask yourself these 7 strange questions to discover your life purpose.


How To Have Great & Quality Relationships

Relationships are one of the most fulfilling things you can have in your life. Without relationships our lives have little meaning, fulfillment, happiness and purpose.

But relationships are also challenging. If you want to have great and quality relationships you need to put hard work and commitment into them.

These resources will help you to understand how you can have strong and healthy relationships.

  1. Learn 5 simple ways to quickly resolve a conflict with your partner.
  1. Get to know these 11 signs that show you’re in the right relationship.
  1. Discover the power of the 5 love languages and learn to communicate love effectively (book).
  1. Learn 101 ways to improve your relationship instantly.
  1. Read this powerful advice on building relationships that are healthy, happy and satisfying.
  1. Ask yourself these 6 questions to save your relationships.
  1. Learn these 5 things you should never do after a breakup.
  1. Be aware of these 21 toxic habits that can ruin your relationships.
  1. Learn 12 powerful ways to claim you identity back when you’ve lost yourself in a relationship.
  1. Be aware of these 7 bad communication habits most of us are guilty of.
  1. Get to know these 25 things that people in healthy relationships don’t do.
  1. Learn these 14 ways to create the best relationship of your life.
  1. Read the book Love Sense: A Revolutionary New Science Of Romantic Relationships.


How To Overcome Anxiety & Beat Stress

Anxiety and stress can really get a hold of us.

We get stuck in negative thought patterns and we get caught up in things that make us stressed.

Both anxiety and stress are unhealthy for us. These resources will help you help you to create positive thoughts and to relax.

  1. Learn these self help strategies for anxiety relief.
  1. Read the book Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy.
  1. Learn how to transform anxiety into inspiration.
  1. Know the 5 solid reasons why you should take control of your anxiety.
  1. Learn these 11 ways to let go and feel less stress.
  1. Learn how stress is slowly killing you (and how to avoid it).
  1. Read a powerful book about how to stop worrying and start living.
  1. Listen to this 3 hour long video of relaxing music.
  1. Get to know these 31 little known ways to beat stress.
  1. Read these 22 quick tips that will change your anxiety forever.
  1. Read these 9 things that happy people do to stress less.


How To Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Having and achieving goals gives us a lot of fulfillment in our lives.

It will also increase your self-confidence and your self-esteem.

So whether you already set goals for yourself but struggle to make progress, or you’re not currently setting any goals for yourself then these resources are perfect for you.

  1. Learn 6 convincing reasons why you should set goals.
  1. Check out this 10-step method to setting and achieving your goals (video).
  1. Take these 7 steps to setting your life goals.
  1. Read this book on how to get everything you want, faster than you ever thought possible.
  1. Do this course and learn a proven method of how to set and achieve goals.
  1. Read this book and learn the magic of thinking big.
  1. If you’re new to goal setting then read this beginners “how to” guide.
  1. Overwhelmed? Read this simple guide to setting and achieving your life goals.
  1. Learn how to actually stick to your goals this year.


How Get Rid Of Your Fear Of Failure And Take Risks

Did you know that fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t become successful?

Did you know that in order to be successful we have to first fail over and over again?

These resources will give you the push you need to face your fear of failure and take more risks.

  1. Absorb these 33 powerful ways to overcome fear.
  1. Read these 9 essential tips to face fear.
  1. Here are 7 reasons why risk taking leads to success.
  1. Learn how taking risks everyday will lead to success (even if you fail).
  1. Read this powerful book on how to identify and choose acceptable risks.
  1. Read these 50 inspiring quotes to help you overcome your fair of failure.
  1. Check out these 50 awesome quotes that will inspire you to take more risks.


How To Be Happy

Everybody wants to happy, right?

These resources will help you to discover more happiness in your life. I think you’ll find some of the resources down below very surprising and they may even cause a paradigm shift.

  1. Get to know these 7 crazy mistakes people make in the pursuit of happiness.
  1. Take this free course that teaches you the science of happiness.
  1. Know the biggest reason why you’re not happy and learn how to change it.
  1. Read these 101 inspiring happiness quotes.
  1. Learn how to truly understand what it means to be happy.
  1. Learn these 25 science-backed ways to be happier.
  1. Read these 20 powerful tips on how to be happier.
  1. Get to know these 33 unfortunate habits that destroy our happiness.
  1. Learn these 6 things that happy people never do.
  1. Read the book The How Of Happiness: A New Approach To Getting The Life You Want.
  1. Stop doing these 10 things if you want to be happy.
  1. Pick some of these 103 ways to live a happier life.


How To Beat Bad Habits And Build Healthy Habits

We all have these bad habits that we can’t seem to get rid of. Maybe you smoke, eat too much chocolate (if that’s even possible), watch too much TV or get angry easily.

Whatever it is…these resources will help you to break your habits and replace them with more healthy ones.

  1. Learn these 5 unexpected ways to break a bad habit.
  1. Here are some great tips for beating bad habits and developing good ones.
  1. Read this world famous book The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.
  1. Watch this video on why you should start off with changing a small habit first.
  1. Read the book The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life & Business.
  1. Learn the success habits of 43 bloggers and experts.
  1. Know these 10 great ways to break a bad habit.


Last But Not Least: Here Are Some Very Important Life Lessons

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel…

One of the best things you can do is learn from others.

These resources will teach you some very valuable life lessons that will help to get the most out of your life.

  1. Turned 30 already? Read these 10 powerful lessons to excel in your 30s.
  1. Absorb these 11 powerful life lessons to excel every day.
  1. Read these 45 life lessons written by a 90-year old woman.
  1. Here are 30 amazing life lessons of somebody who just turned 30.
  1. Watch and listen to this very wise and humorous graduation speech.
  1. Read these 25 inspiring movie quotes that will teach you valuable life lessons.
  1. Watch this humorous video of Jim Carry giving some wise advice.
  1. Read these 20 pieces of life-changing advice.

101. Here are 3 wise pieces of advice that will have a positive impact on your life.


Which Of These Self Improvement Resources Will Take You From Stuck To Unstoppable?

There you have it… 101 self improvement resources that will seriously help you get the most out of life.

Whenever you need inspiration, advice or guidance you can turn to these 101 resources.

But don’t just read or listen to them…

If you want to make positive changes in your life you have to take ACTION.

Otherwise it’s like reading a book about loosing weight and expecting to have lost a few pounds after.

We all know that doesn’t work, right?

So be bold and don’t be afraid to make the necessary changes. Get yourself out there and become unstoppable!

Oh yeah, feel free to add any great resources to this list. You can do this in the comment section down below. Together we can make this the best and most comprehensive self improvement resource available on the internet.


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