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Books by Bastiaan & Chantalle

Reclaim Yourself: Get Back Your Identity & Self-Confidence When You’ve Lost Yourself in a Relationship

“This book enhances personal relationships, especially the one with yourself! This book is great for anyone entering into a new relationship or who might have lost touch with their personal interests & needs within a long standing relationship. Good as a gift to brand new couples. Their relationships stand a better chance at long term success after reading this little gem. – Thea Westra / Forward Steps Blog

Be Happy & Successful in 52 Simple Steps

“A lovely book that provides a specific area to focus on each week of the year. The tips cover a lot of ground and address the whole person, with advice on everything from eating healthy to being thankful, and from learning to trust yourself to listening to good, classical music. I like the variety presented; it doesn’t get boring. There’s something different to think about and practice each week, keeping it fresh and interesting. All in all a positive read with lots of great ideas. If you genuinely work on even a fraction of the topics presented, you’ll be on the right track to a happier, more successful you.” – Graciela Sholander


Living a meaningful, fulfilling and happy life
Living a meaningful, fulfilling and happy life
Living a meaningful, fulfilling and happy life


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